Gavin Roth and Ilana Vines, high school students in Houston, Texas started Bottles of Smiles on September 29, 2014. They have always felt passionate about making a difference in children’s lives. The idea for Bottles of Smiles was born when they learned about the number of children diagnosed with various illnesses. They thought about what made them smile when they were little, and remembered how much they liked toys and fun activities. There was no better way to solve this problem then to recreate what made them happy and give those things to other children.


Time goes by slower when you are waiting and have nothing to do. The average time a child diagnosed with cancer is 3,369,600 seconds. Much of this time with nothing to do. Many hospital’s provide their patients with necessities such as therapy and support groups. Patients get what they need, but not always what they want. One girl who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer told us “there wasn’t much to do in the hospital. There were some board games, Netflix and books, but I needed something else”. Well what is this “something else”? Our solution to this problem is Bottles of Smiles. 

With smiles,